Monday, March 15, 2010


I convinced Andy to make dinner for us this evening (thanks Andy xx) so I could try and finish off this wallet. I just needed to put the binding on the edges. To be honest I was a bit concerned that the machine would not make it through the think material and interfacing, but it succeeded.

My binding isn't on particularly straight. From the inside it looks pretty good, but the front is a bit all over the place. Having said, for a first effort, I'm extremely happy! =)


  1. Looks great! I love how the black and white fabric with different patterns go together. Usually I sew the binding on the outside first, then fold it over inside and topstitch over it, or just handstitch if the fabric is too thick. I'm so sorry that I wasn't very clear about sewing the binding in the tutorial.

  2. Thank you! =)

    That probably would have made it a bit easier. It was too thick for pins so I had to use paper clips to keep it in place.

    Thanks again for the great tutorial.

  3. I'm glad your project worked out well! Great idea with paper clips instead of pins.

  4. Gorgeous! You are so clever with your sewing machine.

    Hope you bring back some nice fabric from Malaysia to work with!