Sunday, March 14, 2010

Creating a Travel Wallet

It's only two weeks until we go overseas! I'm so excited. Last time we went we took a travel wallet that my aunt had given me for Christmas. I really loved the idea of it, but unfortunately the design wasn't perfect. I wanted to keep our passports in it, but the pockets weren't big enough. Anyway, I've been on the lookout for a new one and hadn't found one that I loved. I liked one in Kikki-K, but wasn't convinced. Yesterday I decided that I should just try and make one myself.

I googled up a few tutorials this morning and decided upon this wallet by verypurpleperson. I'm really liking her blog. Will definitely be back to try out a few other things.

I tried to alter it a little so that it would wide enough for two passports. Not sure how successful I was with that.

It isn't finished yet. I still have to do the binding on the edges. I'm tossing up whether to create my own out of the spotted material or buy some pre-made black. I just know making binding can be tricky. Hrmmmm.


  1. That is so clever of you! I think travel wallets are probably best DIY s they fit the things you want.

  2. wow, that looks so cool! On the binding front, it's not too bad to make, so long as you have a hot iron. If you aren't going around any round corners, just make it in line with the grain of the material and it's even easier. On the bias for round corners is too hard, get that from the shop.

  3. Thanks, Louise. Yeah I think I will make some. It's just going to be covering the sides of the wallet. Wish me luck!