Monday, October 13, 2008

Saigon - Photographs Part 1

By the time we got to Saigon it is fair to say we were exhausted. We'd been really busy the entire time and we were very much in need of a rest. Our bus from Nha Trang arrived at about 6am. What struck us was that everything was still closed! While in other towns in Vietnam the city would have been thriving at that time, we were lucky to find one cafe for us to sit down and eat at (well one we could afford anyway). Initially we began looking for a place to stay, but it soon became apparent that that wasn't going to happen until a bit later on!

After a feed we set off trying to find somewhere. It was not going well! I can't remember how many places we tried, but so many of them were out of our price range, full or just down right grotty! We finally found a place, paying slightly more than we would have liked, but will a nice view across Saigon.

View from our 7th floor room

Down on the street

The traffic in Saigon (to me) was no where near as bad as in other parts of Vietnam. Perhaps it was the wide streets which gave the impression of far less vehicles.

There isn't a lot of fast food places in Vietnam. In fact there is not a single McDonalds in the whole country! In Saigon, however, there was Lotteria (which is pretty much McDonalds). Can you spot what is strange in this photograph? How about the fact that there are bikes parked inside the restaurant! It was quite common for bikes to be taken into shops/ banks, but food outlets?! LOL

And check out how teeny tiny the food there was.

Us walking through the park

A very beautiful sunflower that lived on the side of the road

At night, looking down from our window.

We sat down on the street one night on little plastic chairs watching the world go by.

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