Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nha Trang - Photographs Part 1

From a distance the beach at Nha Trang looked much like the beach in Hoi An. The beach was littered with palm umbrellas and deck chairs. Unfortunately, unlike Hoi An you had to pay for the priveledge of laying underneath one. Having said that it was only $2 per chair and well worth the money.

You might remember from our Nha Trang post that we mentioned the very noticable Hon Tre Island (more commonly referred to as Vinpearl). You can see here in this photograph the enormous Hollywood-esque sign high up on the hill. The cable car was a 3km ride from mainland to island. I didn't particularly enjoy the 9 minute trip. In fact, I was petrified the entire journey.

Not the best of photographs (the light was fading) but these were a few of the rides we went on a the deserted water park on Vinpearl.

Looking from Vinpearl back towards the mainland.

We weren't really sure what this place was as it was closed when we got there, but one can only imagine. Not the sort of thing you find at Dreamworld!

These dodgem cars were awesome. Everyone really got into it and was ramming into each other as hard as they could.

A lot of the stuff at the theme park seemed to be out of order, but there were a few games we go to have a play with. Horse racing was one of them!

I hadn't been on a Merry-Go-Round in ages! Andy chose the tiger while I chose a giraffe!

I really didn't expect a lot from our trip to Vinpearl, but we both really enjoyed it! Well, except for the cable car ride.

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