Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hoi An - Photographs Part 2

So you're probably wondering why on earth I look so ridiculous in the pictures below. Well first night we were there we were just about to head out for dinner and this torrential rainstorm began. In true Vietnam style the roads began to flood. After sitting around waiting for it to pass we decided that we would be brave and venture out into it. To be honest it had died off quite a bit by the time we departed the guesthouse, but it was still raining a fair amount. Not wanting to become saturated we came up with the brilliant idea of wearing a garbage bag. A very pretty garbage bag at that! It was a bit of a laugh, and I got a few smiles and giggles from the locals too.

More pictures showing the beautiful streets of Hoi An

The guy in the boat in this picture had the most amazing toothy smile. Basically he sat in his boat most of the day waiting for someone to take up his offer for a boat ride. He didn't speak so all communication was done non-verbally.

Not far from the town centre was the beach. The water was so blue and warm and the sand so clean. One afternoon we hired a couple of push bikes from the guesthouse and made our way to the beach. At first I wasn't sure we would make it as my chain fell off within 5 minutes of leaving!

We had quite a few things made in Hoi An at the Silk Road tailors (you can read about it here) and these were the lovely girls resposible.

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  1. The photos are wonderful and the story that goes with them makes them all the more special.