Friday, August 22, 2008

The train to Hue...

After arriving back from Halong Bay at around 4, we had about 7 hours
to kill before our train to Hue at 11 that evening. We left our packs
at the travel agents before embarking on another stroll around the
city. After searching for a hat for Andrew for an hour we decided to
find a cafe and chill out for a while. Above a busy intersection, we
had a perfect view of the chaos below.

Soon it came time for us to grab our packs as the travel agents was to
close. As we walked to find dinner we stumbled across a market in the
main street of Hanoi. Filled worth much of the same stuff we had
already seen and art prices that seemed go be assumed for tourists we
moved on towards Pho, the place that we ate at or first night in Hanoi

Another tasty meal in our bellies and we set off for the train
station. We walked a fair distance before spotting a taxi and taking
it the rest of the way. It was still a while till our train was to
depart so we sat in the lounge to wait.

It was still over an hour till our train when this train station
official came and asked us if we where going to Hue and hurried us to
the train. Turns out it was not an act of kindness but a ploy for a
tip. So there we sat for the next hour patiently waiting to depart.

The trip itself was quite comfortable. We were in a hard sleeper,
Andrew in the bed above mine. Not long after we departed the lights
were turned off and we could try to sleep. After intermittant sleep
for the first few hours Andrew grabbed our ear plugs and we both were
able top snooze a little easier.

The sun blaring through the window soon woke up the cabin outside the
scenery had changed from the worn and tired houses of Hanoi to trees
and open spaces. Andrew was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these
rock formations in the same vein as Halong.

Around 11 the following morning our train pulled up in Hue.

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