Saturday, August 9, 2008

i can't keep procrastinating any longer...

or else we wont be getting on a plane tomorrow.

im noticing that my way of dealing with situations that are stressful or laborious is to pretend its not there or doesn't exist, right up until the very last moment when it cant be ignored any longer and must be done. which is now.

i wasnt this stressed about my trip to China, why this one? i can only guess its because i had someone on the other end of the plane trip ready to take care of me. my god?! am i a princess or something?

this time though i have Katie to take care of me and our travel arrangements. but now i just feel guilty about leaving it all to her. the funny thing is she thinks im deal with the whole 'travel thing' better than she is. lol. IM supposed to be the open book and shes supposed to be the introverted one. whats going on here?

since finishing work yesterday i think my body has let go of a few things and they are trying to find the nearest exit. im determined to not let them take hold and spoil our trip. i will just kindly acknowledge their presence and quickly show them the way out, so we can enjoy our holiday. this little blog in itself i think has been somewhat therapeutic and cleansing. *cue hippie sitar music*

..breakfast soon. its pretty much crunch time now. breakfast and then furiously cleaning this place of ours and then packing our (my) bags. speaking of which ive given what im taking about as much thought as most people would give to having a shower each day.


  1. Hey guys.
    Just thought i'd send u a little farewell from me.
    Though, a couple of key things to remember that i've learnt from my 'extensive' travels thru Asia
    - always keep some fresh water with u when u go out.
    - never be scared to walk away wen ur bargaining
    - carry some wet hand towel thingys in case u need to clean ur hands or emergency toilet paper
    - talk to other tourit for the best deals
    and lastly...
    - McDonalds always have clean toilets!

    Have an awesome trip guys and most importantly be safe.
    Lots of hugs and kisses.
    -Nerdy Rob-