Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The first 24 hours...

So we typed this big post about our first day and it didn't save!! So
this will be our second attempt.

Our flight was long and at times torturous. Being in a small confined
for 9 hours really does have an effect on a person. By the time we
landed in Bangkok we were tired and irritable.

We were herded off the plane and walked the long walk through the
airport to passport control. As you can imagine there were lots of
people and many queues. We somehow happened to choose the slowest
queue. In fact it was so slow that a man who joined the queue next to
us about 15 minutes after us was seen before us. I don't think being
tired and cranky helped it seem to make the whole situation more

After (finally) collecting our bags we began the search for our hotel
transfer. After walking only a short distance we saw our escort
holding the sign for our hotel. The next part even I'm not sure I
believe. We bumped into a friend of ours, Seuj right in the middle of
Bangkok airport! He had just flown in from India. Having no means of
contacting him and being exhausted from our travels we decided to go
our separate ways and catch up in Melbourne.


We followed our escort through the airport to were the rest of the
people were waiting. After not too long we were taken to our shuttle
and driven to the hotel. I must say we were pleasantly surprised by
our hotel. For $28 AUD we were in a well furnished room with people to
carry our luggage up stairs. We managed a visit to 7-11 around corner
for some very spicy and very tasty instant noodles before calling it a

The next morning we were up early enough for a walk around our hotel
before our flight to Hanoi. There was a river nearby which we walked
to and saw two ladies and baby in a canoe returning from what looked
like doing their shopping. In a canoe! Katie thought it was a
wonderful idea. =)


  1. oh sounds like you guys are doing well! glad all the flying around is over for now!!

    katie i miss you on iChat every night =(


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