Friday, December 31, 2010

The land of big smiles, water and bad tattoos!

After feeding the birds at Currumbin on Wednesday I decided it would be a good day for us to visit Wet n Wild! It was a bit cloudy, but still warm. And hotter and I knew the place would be chaos! I was told that yesterday, (which was much sunnier) a lot of the parks were full and the police were going to close the off ramps to stop people going!!

We didn't arrive till the afternoon. We got an awesome carpark right out the front! Woot! Again, Andy was quite the excited little boy before we headed out to play.

Lines were still quite long for the slides, but not as bad as they could have been. Standing in a queue gives you line to observe those around you. I can not believe the number of ugly tattoos we saw! They seem to be in plague proportions in Queensland. Or maybe it's just that we are all standing around semi-naked!

This ride was insane. I was too much of a wuss to go on it. You are basically put in a little capsule on the top deck. The floor falls away from you and you are dropped almost vertically done the pipe! Andy was brave enough!

More war wounds.

These are some of the other rides we went on. This one is the Tornado. It's my favourite. You get spurted into the half pipe on the yellow tube. If you're not careful, your butt will scrape as you're flung from side to side.

This was one of Andy's favourites, the Black Hole. Imagine being propelled down a pitch black tunnel, being thrown in every direction!

The other thing you find at Wet n Wild, is that even after lining up for 30 minutes to have a go on a 20 second ride, you can't help but walk away with an enormous smile on your face. It's like there is some kind of magic in the water!

A few more shots from around the park.

Lol at the lady in the background of this shot!

It was heaps of fun and I'm glad I got to take Andy with me!! :D

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