Monday, June 28, 2010

North Melbourne Market and recent knitting

Yesterday I went to the North Melbourne Market with my 2 aunts. They had an awesome deal - 30% off any Thread Den class booked on the day. I'd been wanting to do one for AAAAAAGES, so I took it as a sign. It's on in a few weeks and I'll be making this dress.

I also got these really gorgeous earrings at the market by Oh Dear. So so cute!

I think I posted on twitter a while back that I was knitting a cowl. Well I quickly finished it and have sewn it up. I think it looks awesome.

And finally this is my latest project. It's a scarf for Andy.


  1. those earrings are adorable!!

    nice work, I wish I could knit.

  2. I love the cowl. Did you use a pattern? If so I want the details. I am currently making a grey scarf in moss stitch and I am pretty sure it will take me till next winter.

  3. Those earrings are so so cute, it makes me wish I had pierced ears to wear them :)

  4. Tell me too if you used a pattern for the cowl, it looks really good with the different stitches.
    The dress pattern looks good too.