Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Shopping

I have barely started my Christmas shopping. I am so slack. I have most of the gifts in mind so I'm not worried about it. My sister and I are going to head into the city today. Should get most of it done. I actually find that as long as I don't go anywhere near suburbia then Christmas shopping is rather painless. =) Especially if I ride my bike. Only negative with that is that I can't carry too much stuff. I would love to get a basket to go on my bike for either Christmas or my birthday. I know it wouldn't hold much, but it would help a little. Yesterday I rode home with an Oroton bag flapping off the handlebars. lol

Then, when I'm finished it will be more sewing. I'm actually really enjoying it. I need to get some more material though. Very soon I shall be confident enough to begin my bag! Yay! And hopefully the wool for my other project will arrive. If anyone has played Big Little Planet on the PS3 you will recognise this guy. Sack Boy. So cute. =)

My other mission for this week is some baking. I like to send Andy to work with something festive. Saves him having to buy gifts for all 25 or so of his work mates. I'm thinking of these biscuits by Donna Hay. They look pretty simple. And yum! Hope they like them.


  1. Those biscuits look yummy. I was in the city today too and it really wasn't all that busy. Your new layout looks great!

  2. Oh a friend of mine knitted a sackboy and I printed the instructions how to knit one ... I just haven't yet! x