Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hue - Photographs Part 2

You can see at the back there are some monks dressed in grey. They're the trainee monks. You can also see the tuft of hair which he will have until he is a fully fledged monk.

Everything is so colourful in Vietnam. This dragon has been created by smashing many coloured plates and used to mosaic.

On our way out of the Pagoda these children accosted us and demanded to take a picture of us with my camera. I was certain that they were going to run off with it, but luckily they didn't!

This is the Tu Duc Tomb. This guy had over 100 wives and concubines. He began planning this tomb long before his death in 1883. Inside the surrounding wall of around 12 hectares wide, nearly 50 constructions were built on terraces of various levels.

It was at the top of this hill (Vong Canh Hill) that Mr Trung told us his story about the Vietnam War. From here you could see a great distance along the Perfume River. Just magnificent! As I mentioned in our Hue post, it was also home to a number of American and French bunkers during war.


  1. Wow! What wonderful memories you must have. I think travel has changed you - what do you think? Did you see things with new eyes?

    I didn't know AC was unwell. Hope he feels better soon :)

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