Monday, September 19, 2011


It was time for a change. After a visit to Ikea on Saturday (where we didn't really buy anything), we were inspired to reorganise our living room.

We basically flipped the room around again. The TV went back to where it was before Andy moved in (more than 4 years ago) and we created a staircase type structure out of our bookcases. Perfect cat run for Lily too. =P

These are our results.

You can see Lily's bed at the top of this first picture. Andy said he came home tonight to find her sleeping in it. Awww...

I tried to get all fancy and colour coordinate all the books. I'm happy with the results!


  1. love it! can't wait to have a squizz in person. Sometimes a reorganise is just as good as moving or getting new furniture! well done guys! x

  2. looks lovely. i had an ikea inspired weekend too - unfortunately we did spend money though. i just can't resist! xx