Wednesday, August 31, 2011


What does a girl do when she has 2 days off? SHOP! Really, I probably should have been resting and trying to get over this stupid cold I've had all Winter. Secondly, it would have been more sensible to tidy up the apartment! Nah! I have a wedding to go to (no, not my own) and wanted to find a dress.

Today I ended up at DFO South Wharf and (accidentally) bought 2 dresses. Again, excuse the dodgy picture quality. Doesn't really show how nice these dresses are.

The first one I got a Pilgrim. I'm always put off by the price of their clothes. But I picked this one up for 50% off the already reduced price, so only $39. I don't think I'll wear this one to the wedding, but I really liked it and these days I don't buy anything I really don't like.

The second one I can't find a picture of online so you will have to try to imagine it from this picture! I got it from Seed Femme. It's black (not what I initially wanted), sleeveless,falls just above the knee, crosses over at the front and has a tie at the waist. I'm instantly attracted to sequins these days and I like how these were bronze. It just fit me really well.

As I was browsing I noticed they had a promotion, buy 1 item you get 20% off, 2 items and get 30% off and 3 items and you get 40% off. I was excited about getting 20% off, as I really liked the dress and it was already reduced. At the register this lovely sales assistant tells me that if I get 3 things I will get 40% off. But instead of telling me to look around for more clothes, she tells me to buy a couple of charms ($2 each) and then I can get the 40% off! I was wrapped! She saved me another $16! Here are my two charms! Not sure what I'm going to do with them.

So all in all, a successful afternoon!


  1. Lovely dresses, you'll look very swish.
    And BARGAINS too! How good is that!

  2. Yup! And I should clarify, it's Eid, so I have two days off. I haven't taken sick days and then gone out shopping. LOL

  3. Love them both!! Although i think I'm going to vote you wear the black one to the wedding as I like the blingy bling :P

  4. Cute, those charms look like they need to be converted into ear rings to me!