Thursday, January 20, 2011

A new project...

Haven't been feeling very motivated lately. Trying to force myself out of my funk by taking on creative projects!

My first project is a bag. My aunt gave me this great book for Christmas called, 'Carry Me - 20 Boutique Bags to Sew'. I chose a very simple on to start with which involved using some Japanese cloth called tenugui. You don't have to use it, but I thought, why not! Got a piece online from Raku-Cha. I found it really hard to choose. I could have bought several of them. I ended up getting a simple piece in grey with a cloud-like pattern on it.

When I went to take the first picture, Lily decided she wanted to walk through the frame. Funny kitty!

 The book and the material.

This is what the bag should look like when it's done. It won't be very big as the material is quite small.

I shall keep you posted on my progress!

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  1. Ohhh please do, I am making a bag maybe tomorrow, the one from the first Meet Me at Mike's book, from black polka dot fabric. Yay. xxx