Saturday, September 25, 2010

You're it!

This is my first ever tag! Exciting!! The beautiful Kat tagged me. I'm supposed to tag 7 other people, but I don't know 7 other people to tag! LOL

1. What is the last book you read, did you like it?
Hrm, last book I read. To be honest I don't read a whole lot. Not as much as I should. The last book that I "read" was an audio book (does that count?) and it was 'Tomorrow, When the War Began' by John Marsden. 

2. Do you have any travels planned in the near future, where to?
I would love to go travelling again. Not sure when and where it will happen though. I'm going to buy a car (next week hopefully) so maybe a road trip is in order.

3. Do you prefer tea or coffee?
Peppermint tea from T2. Only tea I drink. The smell of coffee makes me want to spew

4. Where were you born?
At the Box Hill Hospital in Melbourne.

5. What is your favourite work of art?
I'm so naive when it comes to art. I don't really have a favourite. 

6. What is your favourite breakfast food?
Scrambled eggs and bacon on toast from Krakatoa in South Yarra. Mmmmmmm!

7. What is the last picture you saved/uploaded to your computer?
The last photo is of some of my class so I won't show you that one. Instead I'll show you the last picture I printed off (to go on my wish list).

That was fun! Anyone that wants to do the same questions that I did can go ahead and tag themselves!


  1. Yay. How fun. I always count audio books as books I have 'read', I listen to lots of books. I have to admit I am hopeless with reading too at the moment. I read bits of lots of books for work, but I haven't really read a novel in ages.

  2. Can I tag myself from this post?!?!